Beautiful Fairy Tales

4×Puzzle 8+12+15+20

Размер коробки: 32.5×22.5×5 cm
Размер головоломки: 29×19.7 cm
Размер элементов: проверить
Grupa wiekowa 4+обклеенные с двух сторон

4xPuzzle 8+12+15+20 are the continuation of the series for the youngest kids. Each box contains four thematically related images with different levels of difficulty. This way, the youngster may gradually face more and more difficult challenges, taking satisfaction from each success.

The large pieces and rounded edges of the images make this product very safe, and both durable and aesthetic. The rich and diverse designs will allow the child to broaden their knowledge of the surrounding world and inspire them to extend the range, of their interests.